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Product Quality Inspection

Product Quality Inspection

To provide our customers with high quality products is our aim all the time. Almost all of our products are made of 316L stainless steel, which is of surgical grade and more environmentally friendly.

We are also unrelenting in our supervision of product quality. We have some special colleagues responsible for the product quality inspection, they check the product one by one. The inspection of product quality mainly includes that whether the product is consistent with the requirements of the customer; the size and quantity of the product after the completion of each process; whether the product has defects, etc. 

As following, we will briefly explain the process of product quality inspection. 

In the first step, after the basic product is cut out, we will compare the size and pattern of the product with the details of production to see if there are any mistakes. After all aspects are checked correctly, the product will proceed to the next step -- polishing. 

After polishing, we will measure the thickness of the product. Generally speaking, there will be a small tolerance for the thickness of the polished product, because it is polished on the original thickness of the product. For the polished products, we will check  them one by one, to check whether the product is deformed, whether the surface scratches, will there be missing Angle, edge will be sharp, and so on. For round products, the edges are the easiest to polish badly.

And the third step is to plate the products. Our plating colors are mainly 14K and 18K gold, rose gold and black .Of course, there will be situations in the process of plating. For example, some products are so small that they are easily lost in the process of plating, or even some of them cannot be retrieved. In addition, because the products are needed to hang up when plating, so when hanging the products and take down the products that finished plating, it is also possible to make the product scratch. Therefore, after plating the products, our colleagues will also check them again, so as to avoid sending the products with poor quality to the customers. For the silver color products, we will clean them, which will make the products more beautiful.

The final step is packaging. For necklace, bracelet and other products with some pendants, we will pack the pendant in a small OPP bag first, and then use a bigger OPP bag to pack the whole product, so as to avoid scratching the product.

That is the general process of our inspection. The following picture shows our product quality inspection standards.